Orson Scott Card on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

February 14, 2006

Ever since I read Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card has been one of my favorite science fiction authors. I think his ability to tell a story clearly and to communicate ideas is extraordinary. Here he talks about the debate between those who believe in Darwinian evolution and those who believe in so-called Intelligent Design. I like his thinking on the subject because it points out what has long been clear to me, that many advocates of Darwinism defend it as they would a religion rather than as a scientist would defend a scientific theory.

That some kind of evolution is a fact is certainly true. Even Bruce R. McConkie admits to the existence of a form of evolution in his article on the subject in his famous book Mormon Doctrine. But to claim more for Darwinian evolution than it can produce in the way of explanation for observable phenomenon is patently unscientific. And it is undeniably true that Darwinism has problems which cannot be answered with current scientific understanding. Of course, that doesn’t “prove” intelligent design either. It just proves that mankind is still in its infancy when explaining the universe around it. What we know is vastly overwhelmed by what we have yet to learn.