What Do Only Mormons Know About Jesus?

January 28, 2006
Last April a prophet of God, living upon the earth today, spoke to the children of Israel and reminded them of some things that have been long forgotten by all mankind about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. In an address to the Savior’s assembled church, Gordon B. Hinckley said:

For centuries men gathered and argued concerning the nature of Deity. Constantine assembled scholars of various factions at Nicaea in the year 325. After two months of bitter debate, they compromised on a definition which for generations has been the doctrinal statement among Christians concerning the Godhead.

I invite you to read that definition and compare it with the statement of the boy Joseph. He simply says that God stood before him and spoke to him. Joseph could see Him and could hear Him. He was in form like a man, a being of substance. Beside Him was the resurrected Lord, a separate being, whom He introduced as His Beloved Son and with whom Joseph also spoke.

I submit that in the short time of that remarkable vision Joseph learned more concerning Deity than all of the scholars and clerics of the past.

In this divine revelation there was reaffirmed beyond doubt the reality of the literal Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This knowledge of Deity, hidden from the world for centuries, was the first and great thing which God revealed to His chosen servant.

And upon the reality and truth of this vision rests the validity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What did the boy prophet, Joseph Smith, learn about Jesus Christ that the rest of the world forgot shortly after the death of the original Twelve Apostles in ancient times? He learned what the early disciples of Jesus knew, that Jesus is God and that he has a resurrected body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s. This is what the ancient saints learned in the Upper Room when the Savior appeared to them after Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter so long ago as recorded in John 20:19-29.

It has happened again! Jesus has once again appeared in the flesh to a mortal man, one of very few times it has happened since his ascension as recorded in Acts 1:9-11. But that is not all that the fourteen year old Joseph Smith learned. Jesus did not come visit him alone. His Father came with him, the same Father that Jesus prayed to so often while he was alive in mortality, the same Father in Heaven that all Christians pray to every time they say the Lord’s Prayer as Jesus taught us to pray in the Sermon on the Mount.

The Father and the Son are two distinct beings, two people, two exalted and omnipotent men. The ancient saints knew this because Jesus taught it to them. But somehow mankind forgot. After the death of those who knew Jesus and had authority from him to preach his gospel, men started to argue about the teachings and doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And because they no longer had living oracles, prophets of the Lord Jesus who had actually heard and seen him, there was no one able to settle the disputes and answer the questions that men had. Every man’s opinion was as good as another’s. And in the midst of this doctrinal confusion, Satan was able to introduce some very false ideas about God, about both the Father and the Son. After all, Satan is the author of confusion. He is the originator of all false doctrine about Jesus. And the end result of all this doctrinal confusion was the heresy of the Holy Trinity universally taught in the traditional Christian world.

But there are living prophets once again upon the earth! Jesus has again appeared to men, and his Father also. And through their chosen prophet, Joseph Smith, they have restored the ancient teachings, the ancient understanding of God. Angels have visited the earth in modern times and taught the pure and undefiled gospel of Jesus Christ in our own day.

So Mormons know things about Jesus of which other Christians are ignorant. The knowledge is available to them, but they refuse to believe the truth revealed from heaven. Mormons know that Heavenly Father is actually an exalted man with a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s. And Jesus Christ is another man, the actual Son of our Heavenly Father. He also has a body of flesh and bones. Only the Mormons, alone among all other Christians, have this true understanding of God. Only they are able to worship the Father and the Son with a true understanding of who and what they are.

Jesus Christ lives! His Father also. And they have visited the earth recently. Joseph Smith was chosen by them to restore this ancient knowledge. Joseph was a true prophet. And Gordon B. Hinckley is such a prophet today in 2006. The heavens have opened, and once again angels visit the earth. We may all rejoice. Satan’s power is near an end. And the true church of Jesus Christ is once again organized under the authority of Jesus Christ himself.

What a happy day!

Is This Moral? Tech Firms Helping Dictators Oppress Their People

January 19, 2006

Microsoft, Yahoo, and other multinational tech companies headquartered here in the USA are helping the Chinese government and other totalitarian regimes violate the human rights of their citizen. At CNET’s News.com today, there is a story headline “Congress looks askance at firms that bow to China” Apparently some of our representatives in the US Congress are questioning whether or not it should be legal for a US company to directly facilitate foreign dictators in their efforts to abridge the God-given and inalienable right of free speech, free press, and so forth. What do you think? Is this a moral issue, or is it strictly politics?

My own highly tuned sense of right and wrong believes that it is immoral for anyone to help dictators oppress their people even if they can make a lot of money doing it. If we let Google, Yahoo and Microsoft censor what Chinese citizens can say on the Internet, how are we going to keep them from doing it to us right here in the US? Sure, these companies want the extra revenues from being BIG in those countries just like they are BIG here at home. But that sounds to me like a personal problem. If they can’t make an honest profit without doing business with tyrants, then they should remain small companies. So what is the problem? We don’t let Americans violate the rights of other Americans. Why should we let them violate the rights of foreigners? Isn’t the US Constitution for the protection of ALL flesh? God said so himself, didn’t he? If it is illegal for Americans to violate the rights of other Americans, it should be illegal for Americans to violate the rights of Chinese citizens too, even if it is legal in China. That just proves that the government in China is immoral and has immoral laws. Do we have to be complicit in their crimes against their own people? Where is the morality in that?

Of course, there may be other American companies that are aiding and abetting the Chinese government, and the totalitarian governments of other nations too. If we pass laws against this kind of behavior by Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo, what are we going to do about companies like Wal-Mart? Doesn’t Wal-Mart help the Chinese prevent labor unions over there? For that matter, how does Wal-Mart get away with preventing labor unions among their employees here in the USA? I never did understand that.

What do you think?

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sacrament Meeting Talks

January 19, 2006

I am very disappointed with the article The Seven Deadly Sins of Sacrament Meeting Talks at Meridian Magazine. It fails to mention the biggest sin of them all, the failure to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

No wonder the Church has a big retention problem. No wonder people drop out. Many Sacrament Meeting talks would be just as appropriate at a meeting of the Toastmasters Club. Unless one preaches the gospel from the scriptures, what is the point of giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting? At other churches they pay a minister to speak on a gospel theme every Sunday. Yet many of our Sacrament Meeting talks don’t have anything to do with the gospel.

It is easy to tell who is not keeping the commandment to study the scriptures daily. How can anyone give a whole Sacrament talk without ever opening the Book of Mormon, or mentioning a single gospel topic? Yet it happens all the time almost everywhere.

We need to repent. People go to Church to hear the gospel, not a lot of unrelated Church stories or theological twinkies. When people are not spiritually fed at Church, they stop coming.

What do you think?

The Lie Behind Victimless Crimes

January 5, 2006

The phrase “victimless crimes” is a code term used by the advocates of a false, satanic philosophy. What they mean when they use the phrase is “sin” or “transgression against the Law of God,” or in other words those prohibited behaviors which the Book of Mormon and other scriptures clearly identify as behaviors that bring down whole civilizations if widely accepted by a majority. There is no such thing as a “victimless crime.” Such behaviors have many victims. They destroy the communities in which they occur and inevitably lead to such obvious crimes against victims as murder, all manner of stealing, all manner of dishonesty and fraud, sexual assaults of all kinds including rape and sexual child abuse, immoral invasions of other countries, corrupt government, and the whole gamut of social problems that rot out a nation at its very core.

The concept of a “victimless crime” is a fraud. There is no such thing. Anyone who actually believes the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, would recognize that fraud for what it is. It is a philosophy promoted by the Great Deceiver, the Father of Lies.

People have to live righteous lives and restrain their immoral impulses and resulting behaviors or they cannot be governed by law. And people who cannot be governed by law are always governed by the most powerful predators and tyrants in their midst. Human freedom becomes extinct, and unspeakable horror is the inevitable result. It has been happening over and over since the world began. The Book of Mormon clearly teaches this for those who have ears to hear or eyes to see. Those who cannot learn this from the Book of Mormon either have not read it, or they do not understand it or believe it.

How great is the darkness of a once enlightened mind when it has turned away from the light! It is a terrifying thing to behold.

11 Yea, and then shall they see wars and pestilences, yea, famines and bloodshed, even until the people of Nephi shall become extinct.12 Yea, and this because they shall dwindle in unbelief and fall into the works of darkness, and lasciviousness, and all manner of iniquities; yea, I say unto you, that because they shall sin against so great light and knowledge, yea, I say unto you, that from that day, even the fourth generation shall not all pass away before this great iniquity shall come. (Alma 45:11-12)

Clearly the Lord is talking about “victimless crimes” here. Just what do people think the term “lasciviousness” means?

What is the gall of bitterness?

January 2, 2006

A moment ago I awoke from a bad dream. Someone I love is in trouble. He has turned away from God, and he is suffering horribly because he is in the gall of bitterness. I suffer with him because of my compassion, my empathy, and the memories of my own past. Sin brings terrible suffering, always. Carnal man, and that means all of us because we all have the natural or carnal man within us, does not and cannot understand why sin is bad, why it is wrong, why it should be avoided with all our energy and purpose.Men do not understand how the mind works. Modern science does not understand. But God knows because he is a man, and he knows everything. Suffering is in the mind. All suffering is there. But the mind is too complex to be understood. Perhaps we can understand some few things, but we can only scratch the surface.

When a man sins against what he knows to be right, it does something terrible to him. It ultimately brings him to horror. That horror may come today, tomorrow, or many years from now, but it is inevitable because when a man sins against what he knows is right, he wreaks mental mayhem against himself. And his only hope of relief from the terrible suffering that always ensues is repentance and calling upon the mercies of Jesus. A psychiatrist cannnot help him. Drugs cannot help him. Family cannot help him. Loving friends cannnot help him. Nothing can help him except faith in Christ sufficient to bring about repentance. Because when a man sins against what he knows is right he is like a man who is holding his hand in a fire. He is causing his own pain. And the pain will last as long as he continues to cause it. He is destroying himself. This is the gall of bitterness.

All men everywhere must come unto Jesus, have faith in him and repent of their sins. The alternative is simply too horrible to contemplate. There really is no alternative if one wants to be happy because the wages of sin is death, the death of happiness. It is not something that God does to us. It is something that we do to ourselves, and even God cannot help us if we keep on doing the thing that is wrong.

We do not understand the human mind. But God does. And because he loves us, he gives us commandments. And if we keep them, we can find peace and happiness that we can never obtain in any other way.