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JWR 034 I am John W. Redelfs of Caldwell Second Ward in Caldwell Idaho East Stake.  I am currently serving as a counselor in the ward Sunday School presidency.

I am a convert to the Church from a Baptist background. I joined the Church in 1963 when I was a senior in high school in El Paso, Texas. I served in the US Marine Corp, and attended BYU but never finished my degree. I worked for years as a salesman, security officer, locksmith, logger, house husband and home schooler.

In 1978 I married Esperanza Merino, an Hispanic immigrant from El Salvador, in the Los Angeles temple. We raised two daughters and a son who are now grown and have left home. We have five grandchildren.  Both my wife and I are now retired. In my wife’s case it was after a long career as an L.C.S.W. social worker for the federal government.

I have run email discussion lists for my Mormon brothers and sisters since late 1993. It has been my main interest after my family since I discovered the Internet in 1992. My Zion list split off from Mormon-L when it was still on the BYU servers. We left Mormon-L because we were offended by the “spirit of criticism” towards the Brethren, and the Zion list has always been “for those who find joy in following the prophets.” Running these lists has been a great joy and my main hobby. And today I am finding the same joy in blogging.

I am interested in Church history only as it relates to the development of our doctrine because of continuing revelation. I consider the study of Church history for the purpose of shining a light on the flaws and mistakes of the prophets to be an abuse of history and dishonest. Because the Church is true, history researched and written for the purpose of casting doubt on our church and its leaders, working to undermine the testimonies of the saints, and to undermine the confidence they have in their prophet-leaders is a grave sin in the eyes of God. I believe that those who do this and fail to repent will live to regret their misbehavior.

7 Responses to About the Author

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  2. Peggy Clarke says:

    Wow! What a relief to find a blog I can read and participate in with conscience! I had about given up because of the predominate critical and often blasphemous ideas expressed in the name of religious discussion. I found your blog googling “believing blood” and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion thread there. Thanks for doing this.

    • Thank you for the comment, Sister Clarke. I find the so-called Bloggernacle crowd somewhat lacking in testimony and occasionally dissident or even apostate. They all need a conversion experience or possibly to repent of some sins that are interferring with their communications with with Heavenly Father via the Holy Ghost. I am good friends with a number of them because we have been hanging out together for over 20 years on an email discussion list called Mormon-L. I worry about them the way I do my father and brother Mike. They just don’t think straight. They don’t seem to realize that people usually believe what they do for emotional reasons and not because of man’s faulty logic. I think we all believe according to the “desires of our heart” as we are taught in scripture is part of what we are judged for. We believe what we strongly desire to believe. And for some reason they do not have a strong desire for a testimony. Regardless, most of what I get from this blog is spam. It is refreshing to get a real comment from someone who actually read the blog. Thanks.

  3. john bocchetti says:

    I met John in Yosemite in 1973, while we were working as security for the park. We were roomates and he was quite the ping pong player. I’d just finished two years of college and took a break after having spent some years as a paratrooper in the US Army.

    Although I had a Christian upbringing, Serbian Orthodox, I never really knew any Latter-Day Saints, John was the first person of that faith. Well within some months I was baptized by Mr. Redelfs, later I married and had five children. Then about 15 years ago I resigned from the LDS church. We’ve stayed in touch and I really love John for his dedication and intelligence.

    I called last summer and told him that I am again attending church and have visited with the Bishop expressing a desire to repent of my sins and regain membership in the Church. It’s a process not an event. Hopefully within due time I can call him Brother Redelfs again!

  4. Judy Jones says:

    I was just up in Caldwell. I have family there. Zane and Melanie Jones. I don’t know what ward they’re in though.

  5. linda says:

    i want to meet you someday!

  6. No way! You have a website again! I’ve loved ZionsBest for years, but I didn’t know you had an active website until I came across this today. Good to know!

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