The Boy Scouts of America And The Savior’s True Church

When I say the Church is true, as so many Latter-day Saints affirm, what do I mean?  I mean that 1)  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day  Saints is the ONLY church currently upon the earth that has the priesthood and authority of Jesus Christ.  And 2) It is the ONLY church that is led by a prophet chosen by Jesus Christ through revelation.  And 3) It is the ONLY church that enjoys continuing modern revelation.

Keeping this in mind, I have decided to support the Brethren in their decision about the policies of the Boy Scouts of America regarding same sex attracted boys in scouting.  It is my understanding that only boys who are living the Law of Chastity will be permitted to participate in Church sponsored boy scout troops.  How effectively the policy will be carried out remains to be seen.  The so-called gay rights movement is hailing this as a great victory.  They are virtually dancing in the streets.  That puzzles me.  If the Brethren are able to enforce this policy as it has been explained, it will not be a victory for the wicked even though it may appear to be one.  We must all avoid letting this change in policy weaken our determination to be chaste and to teach chastity to our young men.  I pray that will be so.


5 Responses to The Boy Scouts of America And The Savior’s True Church

  1. Terry A. wrote:
    “As a side issue, i believe gay oriented males are not attracted to heterosexual males, anymore than they are attracted to females.”

    Considerable personal experience has taught me that this is not so. I have never been SSA even slightly, yet during an earlier period of my life I was constantly being hit on by men who were. Of course I was young, skinny and had a pretty boy face in those days. And of course that didn’t last. Today, I’m old, ugly and they leave me alone.

    • Terry A says:

      I can definitely relate to that. I came within seconds of being molested by a teenage gay when I was about 10, so you are correct that gays are attracted to pre-pubescent
      males. My earlier comment was based on sportsmen who associated with heterosexuals in team situations. There may be some gays who are vulnerable around young boys, but then again, there are heterosexuals who experience pedophilia.

  2. Terry Anderson says:

    I think the same would apply to gay leaders as applies to gay youth, as applies to gay members. So long as you are living the Law of Chastity, all is well. As a side issue, i believe gay oriented males are not attracted to heterosexual males, anymore than they are attracted to females. It took me awhile to get my head around this, as I would have thought there was a temptation around any male, making the communal shower cubicle an interesting proposition. i’m only speaking anectodaly.

  3. says:

    You are right on the money about the church going along with the BSA allowing “gay” scouts. I always thought a scout was to be morally clean. It makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one questioning this.
    Within a few years they will want gay leaders and then what does the church do?

    Mike Brown

  4. Terry A says:

    As a father of a bi-sexual son (his words, not mine), i can report that he actually disliked scouts growing up (I was the scout leader) because our LDS troop was full of very masculine, raucous teenage boys that he could not relate to. He would have preferred a troop of boys like himself, be they gay or not. He had a friend at the time, who also turned out to be gay, who withdrew from the YM activities for similar reasons. They would have felt more at home in a young women’s class.The moral of the story here is that not all young men are the same and should not be treated the same. We do them a disservice and push them away form the gospel. We treat our youth like sausages on a production line and the defects get thrown out, or opt out.

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