Mormon Funerals

I just returned from a week in Salt Lake City and Provo.  My wife’s nephew passed away at the age of forty-four, and we attended the funeral.  I cannot remember when I felt more spiritually fed.  The Spirit was strong, and we were comforted.  It was not a secular funeral.  It was a gospel funeral, a Church meeting.  Mormon funerals are filled with hope, and a genuine testimony that the life after this one is real.  Over the last fifty years I have noticed that because the saints have such a strong faith in the teachings of their church, and are not just going through the motions, their funerals are very different from others.


One Response to Mormon Funerals

  1. JR says:

    This is late because I just found this site. There are many, many good LDS sites and I am still finding more everyday.

    It is true what you said. Even though there is sadness at a Mormon funeral there is hope. My Uncle passed away recently (not LDS) and the funeral was so different, as are all non-LDS funerals to a LDS member.

    I lost a child and it was the knowledge of the Gospel that helped me through it and still doesthis very day. ( some people, even LDS people, can be very insensitive when one loses a very young child)

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