The Outrageous Claims of Mormonism

From the perspective of traditional Christianity, the claims of Mormonism are outrageous.  Arguably their most outrageous claim is that the early Christian church, one or more of them, removed “many plain and precious parts” from the scriptures shortly after the death and resurrection of the Savior.  What was left out when the New Testament was first put together many centuries ago?  Who decided what was to be included?  Upon what basis or criteria were some early Christian works deemed worthy while others were not?  Perhaps more importantly, who authorized these scholars and clergymen to decided for all of us what is and is not scripture?  How can we be sure that they were objective and unbiased in their scholarship?  Was something that should have been included left out?  Was anything that should have been left out included?

If we do not have answers to all of these these questions, can we be certain that our understanding of Christian doctrine is approved by the Savior?  Those who feel that Mormons are not Christians because some of their claims are outrageous may be the ones who are truly outrageous, not the Mormons.  If we are honest and humble followers of Christ,  concern should be true or false, not orthodox or heretical.

I want to know what true scripture was left out of the Bible.  How do I find out?  Help me out here.


9 Responses to The Outrageous Claims of Mormonism

  1. Let us not forget brethren that as the scriptures teach all things are by great designs.

    The Lord has his hand in everything, everything that has and will be yet to come in our time and on this earth.

    Do not toil too long on what Scholars have argued for years. You will go mad!

    In my researching the buffetings of Satan and coming accross this blog, and several other media forms, it has given me great concern.

    I would urge my brothers to be careful in underminding the Lord in all matters. I know he wants us to teach each other, but he wants us to teach through his Doctrine not ours. And he certainly does not want us to have contention within in our own brethren.

    It is widely known throughout all scriptures that God plays the supreme part in our mortal knowledge of all things.

    In 1 st Nephi, he tells Nephi it is for a
    1. Wise purpose…
    in 2 Nephi, we learn it is
    2. Done in his wisdom.

    In mosiah and Alma and Jacob…

    Our scriptures tell us we constantly see that
    3. the Lord will see fit
    to give us what we need when we need it, and ‘man’ needs to be patient…
    4. In due time…

    Scholars or not we are all still Children, whom I am starting to think we may be getting too big for our britches.

    I think ya’ll have fine comments, and its great to exercise our free agency, but we LDS must be careful.

    Today we are put under a microscope by members, non-members, actually the entire world because of the internet which is being used for both good and bad toward the Church…

    And I have NO doubts in my mind that all of this is part of His divine plan, we just aren’t ready to see it yet, or be given the knowledge, but it will come.

    Keep on doing what you are doing, I enjoy reading what you have to say.

    I exercise my gift of the Holy Ghost to manifest all things from all people that I see, hear or read. I use his ongoing coucil as the tool he was intended to be for us here when we accepted him into our lives throughout all our days.

    But remember he can be duplicated, and quite well by Satan.

    The book of Mormon is as it is stated; Another testament of what Christ taught to those other people led from Israel, and of what all they endured and were given by God, as well. The Old Testiment is the beginning of God’s laws, the New testiment is Christ’s reign on earth as a mortal man to serve as our salvation through his sacrafice.

    I’m afraid you will all end arguring many things for years to come, writing lengthy comments. It is not for us to question what may have been left out or has yet to been found.

    All things in due time.

    I would suppose the Lord knows we can’t even all agree on what we have, let alone we are not ready for anyting new.

    As pertaiing to what we worship, it is as in the beginning, we worship God and all therein. These books, writing, scrolls, journals, account of records the Lord has crafted for us, is to give us insight, trainging, knowledge, and within these writings are deeper lessons. We do know how the Lord loves parables 😉

    I will leave this with you in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  2. Wong Ming Xing says:

    Hello, dear Mormons, I have a question.

    I am new to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and after due research, I was intrigued by the sheer glory of God that was manifested in the Prophet Joseph Smith, and his tireless efforts to bring about God’s Will, to the about of being made a martyr.

    Many conventional Christians I have spoken to say that as it, unlike other Christian Denominations has it’s own Testaments, it takes one completely away from the Bible and Jesus Christ, as it looks at a Testament that gives little account of the Life of Christ Himself.

    Also, as it has its own Testaments, does this mean that it gives no insight into the Old or the New Testament?

    As I read the Book of Mormon, I felt a completely different aura. I felt power, but I felt strange, because other Christians said that one must ONLY Read the Bible, preferable Matthew, Luke John and so forth.

    Is it true that the LDS takes one away from Jesus and the Bible and that the LDS doesn’t focus on the Old or the New Testament?

    Thank you all for your time.

    With Love, from England.

    • Lee Crites says:

      Wong Ming Xing: I assume your comments and questions are honest and borne of a genuine desire to understand the truth, so please take my response in that light.

      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims all scripture as it’s own, irrespective of the original source of it. The Old Testament came from “the Jews” (the Israelites); the New Testament came from what might be called a small faction of “the Christians” (the one church in Rome). So be it. What in them is true, we claim as our scripture.

      Actually, my friend, members of the LDS Church actually BELIEVE and ACCEPT the Holy Bible — which is a point that makes us VASTLY different than the majority of protestant religions, who merely pay lip service to it. So I would say that one of the FIRST things that makes the LDS Church different than the rest of [c]hristianity, as a whole, is that we actually “believe the Bible to be the word of God.” Even with the “as far as it is translated correctly” limitation, the average LDS Church member believes the Holy Bible more than the average protestant or catholic does.

      Further, the Jesus Christ we find in the Holy Bible is NOT the one the protestants worship. They worship the trinity god. The trinity god is NOT the god of the Holy Bible; the trinity god is NOT the true Jesus Christ who walked the earth and eventually atoned for our sins, and whose mortal ministry and testimony were sealed with His own blood with His death on the cross.

      This is the primary reason why current religionists fight “new scripture” as much as they do! You cannot honestly read and pray about the Holy Bible, as a whole, AND then read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price, and still be bamboozled by the whole “trinity god” tripe.

      For the trinity god to be true doctrine, you have to raise blind deceit to the level of a godly attribute. Open deceit IS part of the trinity god doctrine — because it is a pervasive trait of the trinity god — because the trinity god is the god of lies: lucifer.

      If you stick to the few passages that the average protestant religionist preaches, then the blatant differences between the Godhead (the true God) and the trinity (lucifer) are obscured. Hence, the vast majority of protestants (and catholics) do not have enough of a command of their own limited scriptures to see through the deception.

      So, in the final assessment, the religionists keep making claims like “the LDS Church has it’s own ‘bible’ and rejects the Holy Bible,” when, in fact, the opposite is true.

      As for the contents of the Book of Mormon, it speaks of Jesus Christ throughout the text. His attributes, His teachings, His desires — all about Jesus Christ are taught on an on-going basis throughout the whole of the Book of Mormon. It might take a thoughtful reading and study and pondering on the chapters within it to see just what I am saying, but the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Jesus Christ like no other text — including the New Testament.

      The NT was a small collection of texts which supported Rome’s claim of divinity. Some of the texts were probably altered when included; some were excluded which did not agree with their dogma — but I believe the bulk of what is there in the NT is true. The OT is a collection of writings by Israelite prophets, and I believe the bulk of what is in there is also true.

      But the Book of Mormon is an abridgment of over 1,000 years of secular and religious history, made by Mormon and Moroni, both prophets of God, directly for OUR DAY. It does not rid us of the need for the Holy Bible, but it DOES give us the basis that allows us to see the truthfulness of the Holy Bible. As such, it is certainly superior to the Holy Bible (hence we do not add the “correctly translated” phrase when discussing the BoM), but it does not REPLACE it. The law of witnesses requires both.

      Anyone who claims that the LDS Church does not believe or accept the Holy Bible is selling you something: a lie. Don’t believe them.

  3. jayson says:

    you know what? there are 16 apostles in the new testament because they replaced the ones who died. And how many apostles have their books in the new testament? i will tell you, only 5 of them. Now 5 is not even 1/3 of 16. How can some people claimed that the bible is complete? So the Lord provided a great help aid for the bible and thats the book of mormon. Then considering that the Lord never shut His mouth for giving instruction to His children as you people never ceased to counsel your love ones day by day then why do people said that the Lord will never call prophets in our time so we can be aware of the warnings and tribulations nowadays? If God called prophets in the Ancient times, why cant He call prophets in our time? He is just and fair.

  4. Trevor says:

    John, I’ve often thought the same thing: “if the Savior’s genuine prophets can write scripture, can they not correct scripture that has become corrupted?” I wish we didn’t have to read the King James version of the Bible but had the words translated even more correctly to the original records. The answer I’ve found and felt every time I wonder about these things lately is simply that what we have is more than sufficient, even generous, to our present needs and faith. Check out this brief article by a family friend that helped me out in understanding what the fullness of the gospel is:

    I believe the more complete scriptures will become revealed through the established pattern of God given revelation to prophets who give to God’s chosen people who give to all people that will accept truth and cleave to it. But the pattern only starts when it is expedient to God’s purposes. Think of Oliver Cowdery wanting to translate or the Saints being forced from Independence, Missouri without some great miracle provided them to stay without persecution. Both would be great and good for those to whom the blessing would have come but neither Oliver nor the Saints at that time had the faith (or something critical) to receive the blessing and apparently it wasn’t expedient that they receive it from God’s perspective.

    I also believe that that does not prevent me from living the truths of the gospel insofar as they have been revealed and that should the time come in my personal spiritual development that God will not hesitate to reveal more to me to allow the continuation of progress towards being redeemed from the fall and regaining His presence. Of course those that receive such revelations from God aside from that which is given to the general body of the church are under strict commandment to not reveal what they have been given, and likely wouldn’t receive it in the first place unless God had tried them sufficiently to prove that they wouldn’t hold His revelations lightly before the world. I can honestly say that it has been and is a living hope in me to receive some such revelation someday before I die. But I have to be satisfied that it may never be expedient for me to have such a blessing. I try to exercise faith and trust that I will always be able to receive that which I need to receive from God and not turn away in my pride and foolishness when I do receive any blessing. Anyway, God bless us all to recognize and know that we are being blessed in great generosity.

  5. I believe that Satan and the false philosophies of men corrupted the Old and New Testaments and just about everything else upon this earth throughout history. And the Lord, not Joseph Smith, “fixed” the Old and New Testaments.

    Joseph Smith was merely the prophet which the Lord used to accomplish this important, merciful and loving task. Just how did we obtain the scriptures in the first place? In no case was the original manuscript written in the Lord’s own handwriting. In every case He did use his prophets to write “scripture” as moved upon by the Holy Ghost. If the Savior’s genuine prophets can write scripture, can they not correct scripture that has become corrupted?

    We worship the Lord, not the Bible or the Book of Mormon. To worship a book rather than God or truth is idolatry.

    • Lee Crites says:


      Wow! A name from my way-back past!!! I don’t even remember what I was looking for that got here so I stumbled on your site. But enough of that.

      The Bible, and especially the New Testament wasn’t really “fixed” at all. The Lord asked Bro Joseph to make corrections to it, but no texts were added/removed — which would need to happen to really “fix” it. I doubt that it could have been “fixed” then, or even/especially today. Not that the Lord couldn’t do it, but that by so doing, we’d have made even stronger enemies than we had. (thinking in terms of the wheat/tares and friends/mammon-of-iniquity comments)

      I sense this point, not as a sign of Bro Joseph’s problems or weaknesses or of the Lord’s inabilities, but as a sign that the Lord’s understanding is much greater than man’s. The Lord must have known that today’s “intellectuals” would endlessly debate the origins of the Bible, making movies and documentaries out the wazoo, mostly denigrating those who put the Bible together and those who truly believe it, casting doubt in the minds of the people concerning the truthfulness of the text as a whole.

      Thankfully, today we have the Book of Mormon and D/C to help. Both are separate enough from the Bible that reasonable people can still watch these documentaries and such, and still not have their ability to read the Book of Mormon hampered.

      When I think of how the Lord put all of this together (minor corrections to the Bible plus the Book of Mormon, etc) in order to establish His work in these days — and how He was designing this for thousands of years, my testimony of the Restored Gospel jumps way up!

      Lee Crites (aka FireWalker)

  6. Baiardi says:

    “If we are honest and humble followers of Christ, concern should be true or false, not orthodox or heretical.”

    Well said!

  7. anon says:

    Joesph Smith ‘fixed’ the Old and New Testaments – what else do you need?

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