Will This Dispensation Produce a Paul?

The Apostle Paul was never the President of the Church in ancient times as Peter was.  It is not even certain that he was ever a member of the Twelve.  But few Christians, Mormon or otherwise, would deny that he wrote inspired scripture and was a true prophet of God.  Will God raise up such a man in this dispensation, the one that the Savior brought forth with the help of Joseph Smith?  Will future generations study holy scriptures originating in this dispensation as we today study the writings of Paul?  Perhaps the Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball will someday be part of our open ended canon, do you think?  Something by Jame E. Talmage?  Something by Joseph Fielding Smith?

What do you think?  This is the last and greatest of all dispensations, the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.  Will this dispensation produce another Paul?  Perhaps it already has.  Is that possible?  For myself, I believe that Elder Bruce R. McConkie is the Paul of our times.  His writings, at least some of them, will prove to be as immortal as we all are.  What is your best guess?


9 Responses to Will This Dispensation Produce a Paul?

  1. Tim says:

    Why does Mr Redelfs make the statement “I hope the Lord will be merciful…”? Does he not know that the Lord has received the punishment for all his sins; that all who believe on the Lord Jesus have become righteous (by imputation) in the eyes of G-d (Rom. 5:1; Acts 16:31; John 3:16 etc etc.) Yes, we need redemption and grace, but we have it already, through faith, by grace.(Eph. 2:8). So why are you worried? Don’t you trust G-d. Do you not know the depths of his love?

    Just wondering,
    Tim M

  2. Steve EM says:


    Hope you are well. My comment about BY and Paul refers to their verbosity. In any case, Paul did save Christianity from extinction and BY certainly saved the restored gospel. So their warts and all, they were great servants of JC. I’ll often beat up on BY for the preisthood ban, but I fault later leaders more for not reversing BY’s mistake much sooner. I agree we all need redemption and grace. G-d bless.

  3. Jay says:

    Sara said: “If Elder McConkie’s book Mormon Doctrine is an embarrassment to the Church, why is it consistently quoted by the current apostles?”

    McConkie was asked not to publish Mormon Doctrine but did it anyway. Because of his lack of judgment on this matter there was a rule put in place and now all general authorities have to OK any books with the prophet and the twelve before they publish them. Mighty strange rule to be inspired by a book that wasn’t embarrassing. Of course McConkie was forced to edit his book and bring it in line with what they Church wanted to be out there. That’s why you may hear people quoting from it today (I think it’s quoted more by members than General Authorities). However, anyone that has read the original Mormon Doctrine know that it contained many tid bits that were controversial to say the least.

    I suppose I’m just not fond of General Authorities that freely give their personal opinion on spiritual matters , without stating it as such, while acting in their role as witnesses of Christ. Members tend to latch onto what was said as truth from God, when it is in fact not. Brigham Young, McConkie and a few others were famous for dispensing opinion freely. In my book its the same as the phylosophies of men mingled with scripture. One of these that McConkie was famous for was calling the Catholic Church the church of the devil as well as his justifications of the priesthood ban (which thankfully he renounced soon after the ban). Many members still repeat these things today because they trust that McConkie knew what he was talking about, sad but true. Just last year in Sunday School several members repeated the old excuses as to why the blacks didn’t have the priesthood until 1978 (seed of Cain/Ham, less valiant in pre-existence). I couldn’t believe what I was listening to. I’ve also heard Apostles state that the earth is only a few thousand years old in general conference. This is there opinion, which they are entitled to, but they shouldn’t repeat it in conference where so many people take every word they say as scripture.

  4. Steve EM, I am flattered that you have found my blog again after I have neglected it for so many months, more than a year actually.

    I do not understand your statement that neither Paul nor Brigham Young let “Jesus get in a word edgewise.” I do not see how either man could have accomplished what he did without power from God, power that certainly would have been withheld had either of them been stopping the Savior’s mouth if such a thing were even possible which of course it is not.

    As for President Packer, he was never part of my banner. At first my banner read “In the tradition of Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie.” Then I changed it to “In the tradition of Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie and Gordon B. Hinckley. Finally, after President Hinckley’s passing, I changed it a third time to “In the tradition of Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie and Thomas S. Monson.” Perhaps you are remembering a blog post that I wrote entitled “Why Boyd K. Packer Is My Hero.”

    As for my listing your blog as “good,” that just means that it is one of the few that I read somewhat regularly. It has nothing to do with your value as a human being, your standing before God, my opinion of your faithfulness, etc. Although many have been deceived into believing otherwise, I am not a judge, having no such stewardship. And I am not judgmental, having committed many sins of my own over the years. I hope that the Lord will be merciful with all of us. We are all in desperate need of that mercy.

  5. Steve EM says:

    I think BY is our Paul. Paul saved the ancient church. BY saved the restored church. And neither one lets Jesus get in a word edgewise.

    Didn’t you used to have BKP in your banner?

    I see you list my blog as good. I guess that means e-telestial glory? Better than outer darkness I suppose.

  6. Sara says:

    Glad your back on the blog Papa.

  7. Sara says:

    I’m sure Elder McConkie would be happy to be grouped with President Young. President Young was called of God, and held the priesthood keys, and his calling was difficult as he led the saints during times of death and sorrow. Now look how the gospel has grown since that time.

    If Elder McConkie’s book Mormon Doctrine is an embarrassment to the Church, why is it consistently quoted by the current apostles?

    There will be many like Paul in our dispensation. There are so many people that the gospel is preached to, there must be a Paul, most likely many.

    I find Dallin H. Oaks to speak with a fearless confidence, that reminds me at times of Paul. Elder Oaks is clear, he does not appologize for the demands the gospel places on the world, and he sustains the Prophet in all he teaches.

  8. Jay says:

    Bruce R. McConkie the Paul of our time? I would say not. I’ve always considered him the Brigham Young of our time. His book Mormon Doctrine was an embarrassment to the Church as were several of his comments about blacks. I know nobody is perfect, but surely we can find a more Paul-like general authority.

  9. Todd Wood says:

    Do you think the thick layers of LDS bureacracy can be stirred to think anew?

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