Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

In my last post I reviewed some of what the prophets have taught about “churches” and the fact that ultimately there are only two: the church of Jesus Christ, and the church of the devil. Today, I would like to add what I consider to be a related scripture from the New Testament. I think it is especially pertinent today because of the primary campaigns being waged here in the USA by both the Republicans and the Democrats who are vying for the office of President of the United States.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

This is the Apostle Paul, of course. But what was he writing about, and how is it relevant to our day? Is it relevant? On the official Church website, this verse is cross referenced in the Topical Guide to Darkness, Spiritual; Secret Combinations, Governments, and Wickedness among others. Does Paul imply by this that governments are or can be a threat to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is the Church in danger from such threats around the world? How about here at home? What can we learn from Church History? I personally feel it likely that our national elections are very much influenced by the machinations of evil men combined to get power over the people. What to do about it is much less clear to me. But I am weary of our elected leaders obviously serving someone else rather than those who voted for them and put them in office.

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7 Responses to Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

  1. Rivadeneira says:

    Great Post, Thank you for the info, it was much needed.

  2. Trevor says:

    You ask a very critical question. I will give you my opinion and hopes as you’ve asked for them. I believe that violence is not the answer and certainly not killing. The laws are still in place sufficiently enough that if we as a people united for righteousness the evil laws and rulers could be overturned. The problem is the world is so blinded with the lies fed to us by media czars (hollywood, fox news, cnn, sitcoms, primetime entertainment… take your pick they all preach the same gospel) and our politicians that the good men and women are scared into inaction or distracted by baubles of fake light. I plan on following the apostles and prophets in whatever they instruct as best I possibly can. To include national citizenship to uphold the cause of freedom however I can appropriately. I personally doubt the Brethren will ever receive command from God to organize an army and overthrow the government. The promises of the Lord in the D&C speak of the Lord Himself fighting our battles for us. The wicked will turn against the wicked, and miracles will preserve the righteous remnant (some or many righteous will die at the hand of the wicked but the glory they receive will be cause for great rejoicing). Their martyred deaths will stand as condemning witness to the evils of the rulers and wicked at the Judgment Bar of God and divine justice will be served. Just as it has been in all the dispensations before us. The difference being that a remnant will survive intact with the fullness of the Priesthood. I trust in God and His understanding of what is happening and what He will bring about inspite of the evil designs of spiritually wicked men and women in high places. To take the law into my own hands and fight against His wishes would be lacking in faith and declaring that I didn’t trust God to “get it right” so to speak. I’ve learned that when I take matters into my hands I always do it wrong by exerting unrighteous dominion, covering my sins, or trying to gratify my pride. If I do what God wants even if its suffering to the point of laying down my life then I become humble, patient, and faithful. I would fight if called upon by the oracles of God to do so. Democracy and rule of the judges didn’t last very long in the BoM because men were seeking power and kingship in and outside the Nephite state. Eventually their government dissolved into tribes and clans. Maybe that is prophetic of our nation as well, maybe the world order will be established somehow and maybe it will fall to pieces again. Maybe the US government splinters or somehow survives as a bastion of freedom-but I know for certain that whatever happens Zion will be established and my loyalty is to her King above all(or at least I pray I will repent in time and sufficiently enough that it will be 100%- I’m not their yet having wandered in strange paths and reaching back for the iron rod myself). I am one man with one voice and one vote. The choices the world offers are all less than desirable, double and triple-binds of wickedness. I’m fleeing to Zion as fast as I can. That is the only safe place to be.

  3. Howie says:

    So, now it’s nearly a year since the last post on this subject. The new administration is even worse than the Bush regime. They are more corrupt than any leadership I have witnessed in my 60 years of living in my homeland, America. Obama has over three dozen “CZARS.” It appears that our leaders are intentionally trying to implode our nation.

    I (and many others) believe that our president is going to push his agenda to set up a Marxist government, thus causing anarchy.

    Our founding fathers warned us that if the federal government were to quit working for the people and instead, the people working for the government, it was our DUTY as patriots to overthrow the government.

    So as a patriot and an LDS holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood, do I fight and kill? Would this be murder and a sin that could cost me my eternal soul?

    I have not yet discussed this with my fellow high priest group, because I’ve always felt that politics should not be discussed at church.

    Hopefully I can get some opinions here???

  4. Trevor says:

    This is a topic that I could write on all day long for days on end. How many state and national senators, congressmen, govenors, judges, presidents and others in all states of the nation, at all levels from the city government up to the Federal government, have to be convicted or admit to fraud, cronyism, paying for prostitutes, embezellment, engaging in homosexual acts or an endless stream of affairs using state resources and connections (combinations) to cover up their evil acts before we demand as a people a return to the God of our Fathers. I hate it. We as a nation are showing ourselves to be more like Rome every day. We hear pretty words, listen to eloquent speaches of patriatism, justice, and equality while virtually none of our leaders are walking the walk. It’s sickening to think about. And that doesn’t even get into what is really going on behind closed doors and back-room deals. Committing us to wars that never end (war on drugs, war on terror) only to further private agendas. It is an ever increasing feast of violence and lust and greed. I gain strength from the scriptures that describe these identical conditions during Enoch’s day, Noah’s day, Abraham’s day, Daniel’s day, Elijah’s day, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lehi’s day. The same wickedness among the Jews of Christ’s day and His apostles afterward. Continuing to Joseph Smith and the persecution that resulted in his murder, all being lied about and fostered by the leaders of the government of his day. The army sent to burn the Saint’s homes in the Salt Lake valley, to kill and imprison the mormon men who were rightfully practicing their religion as God had revealed it. Satan sought to exalt himself on high so that he could have power and to subject all others to his rule (take away our agency to choose for ourselves) and so do those that follow him. The Gospel teaches opposite this pattern that those who are greatest are those that serve willingly, those that are meek and lowly of heart, only to them will God entrust His Power. Do mormons believe in being subject to government? Yes! But that government must be righteous after the pattern shown in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Righteous men/prophets to lead and judge the people according to God’s laws –wicked king’s are used by God to fulfill His purposes but they always get it in the end according to His justice and righteous vengence for killing or abusing His chosen people. Spiritual wickedness always rises in high places because those men that want to be exalted above other men will in their pride always be tempted to turn to other sins to maintain their positions of power and luxury. Even seeking the positions of power so that they can continue or expand their wickedness to new levels of abomination. Just like wicked King Noah changing the laws of the land to allow his abominations full sway in the lives of the people. One of my favorite accounts to read in all the scriptures is in the Book of Helaman when the righteous gather all together in one body and the Gadianton Robbers come down out of the hills to lay seige. I wish we as righteous citizens around the world could have the solidarity and unity portrayed in this brief account to withstand evil in our day and eradicate it from our midst as they succeeded in doing for a time. I long for the day, as many have, when Christ will take the throne that belongs to Him and Him alone and rule and reign in righteousness for a thousand years of peace. But all the stories of these previous dispensations give me great faith in being able not only to resist evil by submitting my life to the will and power of God, but to become refined and sancified by passing through such times and trials. It is in God that I place my trust, let Him lead me wherever He will. I know He will come again and I wait for Him striving to abide in His grace and love.

  5. helaman says:

    I was listening to a speech given by either Bruce R. McConkie or Ezra Taft Benson and it said something to the effect that our church is intimately connected to the Constitution. If it fails, the church fails.

    Not to mention the modern day Gadianton Robbers in our current government and corporations that directly effect spirituality in the USA and abroad.

  6. Sara says:

    I think we would love more posts from the venerable John Redelfs

  7. Keep in mind that when Paul wrote this (and for the next 300 years) there was organized persecution of the church led by the Roman government and Jewish government authorities.

    Hence – he is very cynical about government.

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