Aren’t you glad the Savior’s church doesn’t have these problems?

Just a few minutes ago I received an email from one of my sons-in-law telling me that every day he sees more and more proof that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and right. He then referred me to this news story about troubles in a traditional Christian sect. My heart burned within me as I realized how well his faith in Christ is growing. What a thrill it is to see the man to whom I have entrusted my daughter and my grandchildren continue to grow in the gospel.

Watching my son-in-law prosper and grow builds my own testimony. It especially builds my testimony of home teaching. I met this fine young man many years ago when he and his single mom were assigned to me as one of my home teaching families. He was in his teens and was never active during those years. But he came over to my home often, and we became great friends. Never at the time did I imagine that he and my nine year old daughter would some day become the parents of my only grandchildren and bring me such joy. So watching his testimony grow, builds my own in ways that I never imagined.

What a joy it is to have children! What a joy it is to have grandchildren! And what an extraordinary joy it is to see my home teaching bear this kind of fruit. I hope that he and I will be good friends for a million billion years and more. I know of no other faith that can offer me such a hope. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints truly is the Lord's own church, the Kingdom of God on earth.

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4 Responses to Aren’t you glad the Savior’s church doesn’t have these problems?

  1. annegb says:

    Hey you with the DVD’s, get your own blog and post them. It’s bad manners to tell other people what to post. Sort of like if they came to your house and criticized. You have the choice not to read, who sat you down and forced you to click on this blog?

    I think you gave him more of an answer than he deserves, John.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of anti-Mormon garbage. Nearly everything that I have seen is poorly written, poorly researched, totally misrepresents what Mormons actually believe, digs for dirt in Mormon history in a way that they would never dare to dig for dirt in the history of their own denomination or in Christianity in general, and is so repetitive and predictable that it is boring to boot. And at the end of the day, the whole discussion depends on whether or not a person believes the things that Joseph Smith claimed about the First Vision and the gold plates. If he was an honest man who was telling the truth about those two things, then nothing else matters because he was a true prophet of God just as Moses was in ancient Israel and the Book of Mormon is just as much the Word of God as anything in the Bible. If Joseph Smith was not telling the truth about the First Vision and the gold plates, he was a colossal fraud and Mormons are great fools for believing a word of Mormonism. And since it is impossible to know whether or not Joseph Smith was telling the truth about these things without having that knowledge directly revealed by God as an answer to honest prayer, there is no point whatever in studying the various, most boring “proofs” that are contained in such anti-Mormon materials as you suggest. A believe in Mormonism, as with virtually all religion, is a matter of faith and what a person chooses to believe. It is not subject to proofs or evidence as our culture uses those terms. So reading the materials and obtaining the DVD you spammed my blog about, is a total waste of time. Been there, done that. Ultimately people believe whatever they want to believe. And I want to believe that there is a God in heaven who loves his children enough to provide us today with the same kind of guidance that he has provided mankind for thousands of years by raising up living prophets and new scripture. Surely there has never before in history been a greater need for direct, hands-on guidance from God than there is today. Surely he loves us today just as much as he loved the Children of Israel in the days of Moses. Surely he loves us as much as he did when he called and sent into the world Twelve Apostles while he was still alive upon the earth in mortality.

    I just don’t believe God had abandoned mankind to the kind of religious confusion that exists in the traditional Christian world. Not only that, I come from a believing Baptist background. I know what kind of false doctrine they tried to corrupt me with as I was a motivated youth trying to find answers to my many questions about God and what he expects from us. I would have become a Baptist pastor if I had been able to believe the doctrines they were teaching which were obviously a misinterpretation of the Bible. And I knew that long before I ever met a Mormon.

    So believe whatever you will. I know that you will. Everyone does. They all believe whatever they want to believe. And I want to believe that God still loves us enough to bless us with living prophets and a continuing flow of revelation and scripture just as he did in ancient times.

    I deleted your post regarding the DVD’s because it was automatically kicked out by the WordPress software as spam. And since I agreed that it was spam, I deleted it. This blog is a place where I intend to witness for Christ from my own perspective as a real Christian. I don’t go onto the blogs of believing Christians of other denominations and tell them they are practicing a false religion, even though that is what I believe. I merely testify to what I believe myself. Anyone who is interested in that may read it here. But anyone who is hear to “prove” that my faith is vain is wasting their time. It is not something that can be proven, and I cannot even imagine why a good person would want to do such a thing in the first place. Why would anyone want to overturn another’s faith in Jesus Christ? If I were not a Mormon, I would not be a Christian at all. It is the only brand of Christianity that makes any sense to me. Every other form of Christianity is utterly unbelievable to me.

    Basically, I don’t believe that God (Jesus Christ) would abandon his children without providing them the kind of guidance that is available only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith and his successors teach a variant of Christianity that is almost infinitely more believable to me. They teach a brand of Christianity that is vast more believable than any other. And for this reason, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have more faith in Christ than is found in other Christian churches. And they try harder to walk in his footsteps and follow his divine and perfect example. As a result, the most Christlike people I have ever met have been Mormons. To be sure, I have met a number of devil among the Mormons too. But you find those in any church. A church must be judged by those who are actually making an honest effort to put into practice the teachings of their church and the scriptures. The Savior said, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” And I have seen the fruits. And the fruits of Mormonism are just much better than what I have seen in other Christian churches. The faithful members love the Savior more. They try harder to please him. And their efforts bear miraculous fruit.

    Of course, if you want to focus on the negative aspects of the Church, you can. But why would you want to do that? What spirit motivates you to do that? Is it from God? And if it isn’t, then where is it from? If you love your church, I applaud you. I am happy for you. I certainly love mine. Let us both serve God in whatever way seems best to us. And let us be friends working in the same cause, to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. Christ wants us to love each other, not tear each other down. He said that his disciples love one another or they are not his disciples.

  3. chris says:

    What happened to my post regarding the DVD’s which prove that the Book of Mormon is false?

    If your religion is true then you will not be afraid to confront the accusations against it. Why not get these DVD’s and try to debunk them?


  4. annegb says:

    I guess life works out. Sometimes I tell others it does, but I fear it won’t for me. Nice story about your son-in-law.

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