Outrage In Australia About Abortion Remark

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are divided on whether or not the state should make laws regulating a woman’s “right” to have an abortion, but they are fairly unanimous in their belief that unnecessary abortions are an abomination in the eyes of God.

Most Mormons are very anti-abortion even if they are pro-choice, contradictory as that may seem to many. Therefore, online Mormons may be interested in this Fox news story about a lawmaker in Australia that pointed out the obvious truth that if present trends continue with native Australian continuing to abort their unborn children in massive numbers, they will be replaced by Muslim immigrants over the next couple of generations.

Isn’t this happening in Europe too? What do demographers tell us about the birth rate in Europe compared with the growth in the Muslim population both from their fecundity and the massive immigration? And isn’t abortion a big part of this demographic trend?

Don’t we have a similar phenomenon taking place here in the United States and Canada too? While native citizens of the USA and Canada continue to abort their children in massive numbers each year, large numbers of Hispanic Americans and immigrants from other parts of the world are replacing the original populations of these countries largely because they no longer reproduce as they used to.

The western world is aborting itself out of existence. Tell me it isn’t so.


2 Responses to Outrage In Australia About Abortion Remark

  1. ujlapana says:

    The Opinion Journal (of the Wall Street Journal) had a much more thorough analysis of world-wide demographic trends that basically supported the idea that the West is shrinking while Muslim populations expand. Of course, I’m sure you realize, as all good Catholics do, that the condom and the pill, not abortion, are really to blame. Not sure what to do about it all, unfortunately. You can’t really mandate higher birthrates.

    You could strive to reeducate those people who grow up in literalist religions, such as Islam, to be more Unitarian, in which case it wouldn’t matter if they outnumbered us, because they still would tolerate and respect alternative world-views. That’s a possible outcome of spreading democracy and laissez-faire capitalism in the Middle East, with the hope that the accompanying increase in material well-being will lead to the same departure from literalist religion that has occurred in Europe. Not sure that such an approach would be popular with this blog’s readership…

  2. jonah the giant whale says:

    That sounds like Science Fiction, but I think it is true. Millions of people from other less developed countries come here to live. In most “less developed” countries abortion is not part of their culture, or even available. Having lots of children is. For whatever reason, people in more “advanced” societies feel that abortion is a good alternative to adoption. So less children from the original societies members are born, and more children from the immigrants are born. Now eventually those immigrants’ children and grand children will adopt abortion as a legitimate alternative. But it won’t be before they are the “current society”.

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