What is the gall of bitterness?

A moment ago I awoke from a bad dream. Someone I love is in trouble. He has turned away from God, and he is suffering horribly because he is in the gall of bitterness. I suffer with him because of my compassion, my empathy, and the memories of my own past. Sin brings terrible suffering, always. Carnal man, and that means all of us because we all have the natural or carnal man within us, does not and cannot understand why sin is bad, why it is wrong, why it should be avoided with all our energy and purpose.Men do not understand how the mind works. Modern science does not understand. But God knows because he is a man, and he knows everything. Suffering is in the mind. All suffering is there. But the mind is too complex to be understood. Perhaps we can understand some few things, but we can only scratch the surface.

When a man sins against what he knows to be right, it does something terrible to him. It ultimately brings him to horror. That horror may come today, tomorrow, or many years from now, but it is inevitable because when a man sins against what he knows is right, he wreaks mental mayhem against himself. And his only hope of relief from the terrible suffering that always ensues is repentance and calling upon the mercies of Jesus. A psychiatrist cannnot help him. Drugs cannot help him. Family cannot help him. Loving friends cannnot help him. Nothing can help him except faith in Christ sufficient to bring about repentance. Because when a man sins against what he knows is right he is like a man who is holding his hand in a fire. He is causing his own pain. And the pain will last as long as he continues to cause it. He is destroying himself. This is the gall of bitterness.

All men everywhere must come unto Jesus, have faith in him and repent of their sins. The alternative is simply too horrible to contemplate. There really is no alternative if one wants to be happy because the wages of sin is death, the death of happiness. It is not something that God does to us. It is something that we do to ourselves, and even God cannot help us if we keep on doing the thing that is wrong.

We do not understand the human mind. But God does. And because he loves us, he gives us commandments. And if we keep them, we can find peace and happiness that we can never obtain in any other way.


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