Are We Converting Them, Or Are They Converting Us?

This recent news story suggests further evidence that Mitt Romney might run for the presidency of the United States. That might be good for the country, but would it be good for the Church?

When Christianity became the religion of the head of state in ancient times, it had a very negative effect on Christianity because the doctrines were modified to please the government. I don’t suppose any such thing could happen to Mormon Christianity, do you? I fear that having a Mormon president might increase the temptation modern Mormons face in thinking their faith is mainstream and just like the other Christians. As our doctrines become less objectionable to mainstream Christianity, theirs become less objectionable to us. And some of their doctrines, such as salvation by grace alone without works, and the incorporeal, immaterial nature of God are truly evil, highly damaging to true, revealed religion. No matter how mainstream the saints become, the revealed truth remains the same. But the saints, and perhaps even some of the prophets, can embrace false doctrine. And the more mainstream we think of ourselves, the more likely that is to happen.

Are we converting the traditional Christian world, or are they converting us?


9 Responses to Are We Converting Them, Or Are They Converting Us?

  1. jonah the giant whale says:

    Brother Joseph did in fact run for President. Alas he did not make it.

    I think what John is saying is the teaching of things that are not true, no matter how small, are evil.–>

  2. Ian says:

    I agree with Kim. Romney running for President won’t make much difference in the Church at all.

    I think that the only thing that would happen if he won would be that many members of the Church would be

    a.) Hoping that he didn’t embarass the Church.

    b.) He was a good example for the Church.

    c.) Making excuses for the stupid things that he is doing.

  3. Kim Siever says:

    Not to burst your bubble, but the majority of the Church (that is, everyone outside of the USA) either don’t know who Mitt Romney is, or they don’t care. The fact of the matter is that whether he becomes the US president or not is really irrelevant.

  4. Steve EM says:

    “And some of their doctrines, such as salvation by grace alone without works, and the incorporeal, immaterial nature of God are truly evil.”

    John, how can you argue against grace when our works don’t save us from the judgment? Only Jesus saves. I think you’re confusing grace w/ those you wrongly use the concept of grace to justify intentional sinning w/o repentance. Our Evangelical friends don’t teach the latter as revealed by thier Sunday school dittie “If you’re saved and you know it, your life will truely show it.”.

    As far as G-d being an immaterial being, I don’t see that as evil anymore than I see the handicapped Nibleyite G-d many LDS buy into as being evil. They’re both misgiuded concepts, but not evil.

  5. jcobabe says:

    Doesn’t matter if Romney tries to run. He won’t do any better than Orrin Hatch.

  6. Perhaps Christ is converting all of us – Mormon and not – to his ONE way.

  7. The Narrator says:

    Knowing the current group ofleadership in the Church, I have a hard time thinking that they would make any consessions to public opinion.

  8. GeorgeD says:

    I would comment here but your turnaround on posting comments is too long.

  9. Unlike Constantine, I don’t think anybody imagines Romney will establish himself as head of the church by way of his political position. That is not only a major difference, but is really ALL the difference.

    Besides, didn’t Joseph Smith run for president? Now THAT would have been a lot closer to the Catholic situation.

    (Whoops! I just realized that my comment didn’t show due to moderation. You can erase the previous one and post this one if you like.)

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