Newsweek Story: The Mormon Odyssey

I don’t much like or dislike this story about the Church on the MSNBC or Newsweek website, but I thought I ought to mention it in my blog because it is mainstream media. And I’m always interested in what the mainstream media is saying about the Church. What do you think? I notice that some of the Google Ads on the page were from anti-Mormon sites. Of course, those ads change rapidly, so they may not be the same ones that you see if you link through.


One Response to Newsweek Story: The Mormon Odyssey

  1. Kurt says:

    I like the stained glass on the cover. Im glad they used an image that shows a difference between the Father and the Son. The Church art that depicts them as looking identical has always irritated me, and would certainly confuse non-LDS people if it were mass produced.–>

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