Is Astrology a Sin?

In this short but interesting piece about the occult arts, Mormon scholar Robert J. Matthews reviews the scriptures in which the Lord gives us his Word about astrology, spiritualism, witchcraft and other black arts. We are often prone to think of astrology and spirit mediums as harmless superstition, but that is not how the Lord feels about it. A false prophet teaching false doctrine leads us away from God and is hence evil and therefore dangerous. What do you think?


40 Responses to Is Astrology a Sin?

  1. sandra says:

    Meg B. You’re Mom is very narrowed minded. She doesn’t have to beleive in it, but she doesn’t have to say it’s evil either. People who plant corn plant three seeds one for the crows one for deer one for yourself. This has been the way for a very long time does that make it wrong because you never heard of it before? Does it make it evil to plant three seeds when you could maybe get by with one? Does that mean you are giving honor to the corn God or?? No, it simply means you pick up things from our ancesters and carry them down from time unmentioned. I don’t do anything like cast spells and junk like that, but can tell you lighteing a candle and get in a tub of bubble bath relaxes me. That is not considered a spell because it doeosn’t mess with anyones free will. If the weather can cause your sinuses to stop up and you’re bones to ache from arthritis then whose to say the stars and plants wont have an effect on us as well? If you can remember the story of Jesus birth the people followed the star to find him, does that make it evil? To beleive in anything but God is an over statement. Of course we Love our Heavenly Father and we don’t as the first commandment says: Thy shall not have any other God’s before me. That alone says there are more than one God out there, but to honor that god in anyway would be not love Our Heavenly Father with all our might. We honor and whorship our Savior Jesus Christ whom carries many different names for the different customs during that era. So, I have been around that culture of majic, horoscope, intutition, dreams, and all the rest. I have been around people who were so evil, but let me tell you Meg B. some people are more intune to feel the difference. I beleive of course that is why we have all our senses too that is a gift from Father. If not being in tune we shall not discern and fall into traps. Some people are more inturn than others. I told my husband about me and how I can see into the future have done it all my life and I don’t have to do one things to bring it on. He didn’t beleive me, but he soon learned to listen to me because God tells me things. Our lives are not to merely live and take our next breath for nothing, we are here to learn and if I learn that Mr. X is an evil person then I simply remove myself from his presents. Which I have done several times in my life. God wouldn’t let that touch me either, but I am not going to push my luck and disobey my Father.Folklore/wivestales etc.. have some truth to them, once my grandson had a terrible cough he has a heart condition so you can’t just give him any type of medicine and his mother didn’t leave me anything, but he was coughing every breath after aboout 3 hours of it I began to get worried and wondered he must be exhusted from coughing so much. I got some of my old time books out and it said to take a black string tie around his neck and he will stop. I did just that and he coughed one big time and then he didn’t cough very much at all the rest of the day. He got some rest from this. So does that make it evil to beleive in something that is not associated with God? Maybe God stationed us in different places on the earth to learn. The people in the deep forest of Africia have all kinds of rituals that we never heard of, but they beleive in the one and only Jesus Christ. So if i went to that country, met up with a family who prayed with there backs to the sun would that make it evil? No of course not, we are a product of our ancesters and God gave all of us different gifts and mine is to lay down at night and have a dream that my son was in a car wreck to wake up and call him and he say’s Mom I had a car wreck last night but it wasn’t bad i just ran in the ditch and skitted a little. It’s not all evil darlin, just different and if it’s evil you will feel it. Thank you for letting me vent on this.

    • Mark Anderson says:

      I am going to keep this short and to the point. I am a Christian, LDS, and I do not believe in astrology/greek mythology. I believe that your body is 80 percent water, you were in water for 9 months while waiting to be born, the gravitational pull of the ocean influences the tides of the ocean which is water, and all the planets in our solar system influenced you while you were in the womb so that you have a different part of your personality based on each planets position at birth. These are much more logical conclusions than. For example: Would you believe that you actually had a bad day because you got up on the wrong side of the bed? Of course not, that is silly. Is it possible that the gravitational pull of the planets changed causing you more stress the next day? That is more logical. Another fact : Nurses working in ER rooms will tell you that on full moons there is more activity than on other nights. Another fact : It is not just coincidense that womens mentrual cycles are 28 day cycles and so are the moons. I could go on and on. Now I will say this. I believe God set up the planets perfectly to create times , of stress and times of peace, the natural way that life happens. We can use our knowledge to help us understand what is going on. But we pray to ask the Lord to guide us each day and to help us make our decisions. But the smart person is going to use every bit of truth to help him make decisions in life. If you understand the planets like I do, then it helps you figure out why you feel different ways at different times. But it is not magic, or evil unless you are using it to replace God, if you are using it as a scientific tool it can be helpful. Mark Anderson

    • Anna says:

      Mark Anderson-
      Thank you for your comment. It has really helped me make a lot of sense of a question I have been struggling with for awhile.

  2. Jonathan says:

    P.S. Nor will I condemn people today who dabble in it, that aren’t causing harm to anyone, themselves, or summoning evil spirits. IF they are doing a friendship spell, or a spell to heal someone sick, so be it. I don’t believe in it. I have the Gospel in my life that helps me, but I won’t condemn others for what they believe.

  3. Jonathan says:

    What about the early Latter-day Saints, who had beliefs in folk magic, such as Joseph Smith and William Clayton and a few others? Lucy Mack Smith, in her book on the family, (not History of Joseph Smith) talked about how Joseph and others would make magic circles to find treasure. We even have parchments from the Smith family, left over, with magic symbols on them. What about Jacob in the Bible, who had a belief in rods having magic powers? Our Bible dictionary, or footnotes, say it wasn’t inspired, just superstitious. I can give you the verses if you want. My point is that these things are superstitious, but are they evil as long as they do no harm to anyone? For example, when I was a child I believed that jelly came from jellyfish and that care bears lived in the clouds. This, of course, is false. But was it evil to have those beliefs? What I’m trying to say is, I don’t think something that is false is necessarily evil by default. There is evil in the world, but there is also just misconceptions and innocent falsehoods, too. I won’t condemn the early members of the Church for having some incorrect folk magic beliefs, especially when they weren’t anything nasty like voodoo.

  4. Meg B. says:

    I really believe that sometimes the astrology can give the right personality traits, but no, anything else IS considered a sin. I recently went up to my mom and asked her “Do we consider the signs – scorpio, libra, virgo… – to be at least partially true?” and her response was “No, we as Christians should stay away from that evil. Saul asked for advice from astrologist and from Wicca and God punished him.” Now do I believe that that is necessarily the whole truth? No, but I believe she is partially right, it is a sin to believe in anything but God.

  5. Daburto says:

    I would like to introduce myself as a seeker of truth, wherever it lies. If you pay attention, the light of Christ will let you know truth when you find it.

    Astrology can be dangerous depending on the intent of the practicioner. If one uses pretenses of astrological knowledge to deceive and gain power over others, this is most likely the practice as condemned by ancient and modern prphets.

    Nevertheless, many ancient prophets and several contemporary prophets were astrologers in a very different sense. God controls the heavens, and has and will in the future use celestial signs to signal certain events. Abraham, Moses, and even Joseph Smith utilized astrology to further their relationship with their maker, becoming more acquainted with the works of his hands. Astrological studies with an eye single to the glory of God cannot be sin if it brings one closer to Him.

    As for other systems of belief being labelled as false doctrines, I quote the late James Talmage:

    “Though idolatry has been marked from the earliest ages with the seal of divine disfavor, it may represent in the unenlightened soul the sincerest reverence of which the person is capable. He should be taught better, but not compelled to render worship which to him is false because in violation of his conscience.” -The Philosophy of Mormonism (1914)

    Every man’s religion is sacred to him, and an affront to his system of beliefs is a personal attack on the individual. It behooves us to remember Christ’s response to the Pharisees:

    “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind…and the second…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    Love of God and love of man is the central doctrine of the gospel. Every other principle, ordinance, commandment, policy, revelation, etc., has been to develop this love. Repentance, often spoken of in the scriptures as central to the gospel is simply an acknowledgement of past animosity coupled with a committment to supplant that enmity with love.

    This being said, others who hold differing views on theology, cosmology, eschatology, or any other “ology”, if you can observe them striving to increase their charity towards their fellow man, there’s a good chance such a person will end up with more glory than most members of the church who adhere to the pretense of righteousness that is so commonly seen in today’s congregations, but who are often criticizing Brother Johnson for mowing his lawn on Sunday, or shunning Sister Jackson because she is a divorcee.

  6. Trevor says:

    Deep Thinker,
    Here is a question or two for you since I’m curious how far your belief in astrology extends:

    Do you believe astrology, as you understand it, is a causative/determining influence in your thoughts, emotions, behaviors?

    Do you believe in the human ability to choose one course of action over another in complete freedom?

    If you think there is a way for both causation by stars/planets and human power to choose to exist together, would you describe the dynamic between the two as you believe it to be?

  7. DeepThinker. says:

    “Marriages between couples who are “‘astrologically compatible’ would be largely disproportionate! Studies have been done on this and no relationships between star sign and marriage have been found.” (Direct quote from Robert)

    Wow. Way to flaunt your ignorance of astrology. You just made a total fool of yourself.

    There isn’t a correlation between sun sign compatibility and marriage because the compatibility in a relationship has more to do with planetary combinations including the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Ascendant, Descendant, Nadir, and Midheaven.
    That’s over 9 aspects one must consider in a relationship in order to determine compatibility, and you are telling me that most mairrages aren’t ‘star sign compatible’? Well no shit, Sherlock!

    Horoscopes and sun sign compatibility is like astrology for idiots. That’s like someone ONLY reading the book of Genesis and deciding that they don’t like the whole entire bible.

    “I’m sure the traits of all the signs can apply to me, so I’m not going to pretend they don’t apply to people without my starsign.” (Direct quote from Robert)

    Maybe thats because there are over 12 houses, 10 planets, and 2 luminaries which all are in one of the 12 signs.

    For example, just a few of my planets are: Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn.

    Of course I have 2 or 3 dominant signs, but in comparison I am absolutely nothing like an Aries whatsoever, and not only is that opposite my starsign, but it is also in the opposite hemisphere of my chart.

    Sorry to single you out Robert, but this also goes to people like John who talk about astrology without bothering to know the subject matter.


    Too much in particular branches of Christianity things are black and white, God and Satan, right and wrong. Now, these make for a very solid and long standing system of obedience, but this is actually a thought control system technique called “Two-valued thinking” which slowly narrows one’s breadth of vision until there are only two options or answers.

    Astrology does not have to be “right” or “wrong”. It doesn’t have to be anything except a tool that people use to comfort themselves and bring clarity to their own lives and situations.

    Black and white thinking is a creation of man. An omnipotent diety such as God does not see things in such a fashion. Some people like John are scared of grey area. They teach themselves that there is no such thing, even when the bible does not.

  8. ruth says:

    Deut 4:19..And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, [even] all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven..THIS IS ASTROLOGY AND THE WORSHIP OF THE PAGAN DEITIES AND THE FALLEN ANGELS WHO ARE BEHIND THIS MONOSTEROUS LIE… ENOCH HAD A LOT TO SAY ABOUT ASTROLOGY…HOW THE FALLEN ANGELS PERVERTED THE SCIENCE OF ASTRONOMY AND CAUSE MEN TO BEHOLD THESE AS GODS.

  9. peter says:

    Astrologers seek to understand Christianity as being symbolic of the begining of the Piscean Age. Jesus’s message is essentially Piscean- faith, salvation, compassion, etc. As such Christianity is part of a wider picture astrology is describing. The bible is full of astrological clues often misunderstood. In theory we should expect christianity to slowly disappear over the next 2,000yrs when a new myth resonant with the Aquarina age starting in a few hundred years comes along.

  10. Trevor says:

    Bruce C. Hafen writes an article in the BYU Magazine called “A Disciple’s Journey.” I hope eveyone reads this article. I have lived and I’m still living this journey even now from darkness to light and can say from my experiences, great and terrible, that what Bro. Hafen teaches here is absolutely correct and accurate.

    Fred: You can’t take Satan out of damnation any more than you can take Christ out of salvation. We are “enticed” by one or the other and therefore Satan is complicit in our sin, or in other words we are complicit in Satan’s sin of rebellion when we choose him over Christ. A danger of wanting to remove Satan from the equation of your choices and actions is that you may begin to think that you can save yourself from sin simply by choosing good again. Try it sometime if you must, but I can tell you that you will fail to save youself by willpower or knowledge alone. We must have Christ’s power of the atonement to be redeemed from any degree of sin. That is good mormon doctrine!

  11. The problem is that very few understand and believe true doctrine on the subject. There is a Satan. His “job” is to tempt people to sin. Nobody has to give in to Satan’s temptations because beings who have bodies such as ourselves have power over beings who do not have bodies such as Satan and the third of the hosts of heaven that were thrown out following the Great War in Heaven. You are right that Satan is blamed for far too much. However, Satan plays a very important role in the Plan of Salvation. Without the opposition of evil to good, no one would really have a genuine chance to “choose the right.”

    Do not give in to Satan’s temptations. Choose the right. Avoid astrology.

  12. Fred says:

    Too many people blame Satan for things. Al Pachino in the The Devil’s Advocate said it best. He said that people blamed him (he was playing Satan) for everything. They were actually giving him too much credit. He then goes on to say that people are corrupt enough without him “influencing” them.

    That is how I feel. So many people use Satan as a scapegoat. Just like everyone that commits a crime now is “temporarily insane.” When people learn to accept responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others (their parents, Satan, Joe down the road), then they can start to grow spiritually. Until then, they are going to be crybabies that never want to take responsibility for their own actions. After all, God gave EVERYONE free will.

  13. Trevor says:

    Astrology as a practice is a false ritual that has no power of salvation. It distracts and confuses people about themselves and others in the same way that a lawyer or therapist can ask leading questions or a hypnotist can lead a person into “experiencing past lives” or having false memories. The zodiac or signs in the heavens were not created by man nor did astrology arise from people observing that people born under certain stars or signs have certain similar characteristics. Thousands of babies are born on the same day even in the same hour and I guarantee that seen side by side they will not exhibit the same personality traits at all. Tarot cards are nothing more than one type of divnination method that has been condemned by God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Ghost in every age of mankind as a method of false revelation and idolatry. To believe anything else is to believe a lie. Which anyone may do as they please but which no one may do without suffering a diminished light within (or in other words loosing the spirit, or living without God in the world). With something as persistent as the zodiac in all cultures there must be some origin of truth and in fact there is. John P. Pratt has written extensively on the Book of Enoch as discovered and translated around the 1930’s and how Enoch documents the revelation by an angel of the signs of the heavens and how they teach and are there to remind us of the missions of Jesus Christ. These revelations eventually were given to Abraham who taught the Egyptians who taught the Persians who taught the Greeks. The stories were distorted in the retellings and twisted by Satan to be used in his way to distract and confuse people from the truth. Which has been his pattern since the beginning – take truth and twist it for his gain and popularity. He started this with the War in Heaven trying to usurp the throne of God and was cast down to earth. Here he rules as god of the world (Pan, Cernunnos, Moloch, Bel, or whatever else you want to call him) with limited power to tempt and mislead mankind from the truths of the True and Living God the Eternal Father (also known by Elohim, El, Ahman, Everlasting, Heavenly Father, and other names too many to list in this post) and His Son Jesus Christ (The Lamb, Jehovah, SonAhman, Counsilor, Wonderful, Prince of Peace, The Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh, Firstborn, Alpha and Omega, and many more). Satan does an excellent job at his task creating the perfect test to see if mankind will choose the true God or the faker/usurper to follow and believe. Astrology is just one simple example of Satan’s deceptions. Take it or leave it the choice is yours…

  14. Adam says:

    I put astrology in the same catogory as the Masons. There is nothing wrong with being a Mormon and a mason. It is not a sin, but it takes time away from you that you could be using to a greater extent for good. Why fill a bucket under a trickle of water when there is a giant fountain in the front yard? We know who we are, where we came from and where we are going. No need for vague self-fufilling prophesies to tell us we should repent today and do better.
    Now on the other hand, if you actually believe in astrology.. it would be under the catagory of ‘magics’ they practiced in the dark ages. It would be a sin and we have been counseled to cease our magics.

  15. Cirrus says:

    Hello and may all who read this be blessed by Jesus and the God above, its not good to point fingers at all people, i know, i used to be a witch, but in all i think it was gods will to show me something and to learn things that would help me when i returned to the lord christ our god, to know witch craft is to see it from the inside, sure there are bad people in there, along with some good ones, most bad ones are playing with things they have no idea of what they do, and many have turned to it because of others rejections of them, be it family, love or loss of friends, and i have seen some using the name of the Lord and God to pour hatered upon them, you will never win doing what they expect, you must show them what it really is to love others and not damn them, being a brother or sister too them is the better way, if you know and beleave in Jesus and God above, you know in your heart that no harm will come, hate is evil itself, sometimes you can win with surrender of your heart and reason, show that you really understand and live the commandment and are not a bender of the iron rod for purposes that only suit your needs, show others you can say not too whats not yours, everything comes from somewhere, even a meal could have been anouthers, they are our laws to get to heaven and not to put others through hell so we can drive a BMW or a Hummer, being a christian etitles us to give and not take and say we are entitled to anything, blessings are spiritual and the excess of material things are a damnation and against the laws of God, may all who read this find love and peace in their hearts.

  16. Fred says:

    I have read numerous comments about astrology and false doctrine. It seems like the responses are more of a witch hunt than an actual answer. I am Christian, but I do NOT believe that astrology is evil. Here’s a breakdown of astrology:

    1.) Astrology does NOT predict the future.

    2.) Astrology is NOT false doctrine. It does not tell anyone anything “mysitical” as many seem to believe it does.

    Thousands of years ago, as you may know, there was no cable or satellite television. So, people had much more free time on their hands. They noticed that people born during certain periods have certain characteristics. They organized these periods in what the West considers the Zodiac.

    Now, what about these mystical terms like Capricorn, Cancer, and so forth? Well, they couldn’t go to their nearest pharmacy for a free yearly calendar. So, they recorded the passage of time (days, months, years) by noticing where certain constellations were located at certain times of the year. That’s where the cool names came from.

    Next is predicting the future. As previously stated, that is not true. A horooscope is nothing more than a compatibility report. A person or computer software looks at the characteristics of the person and of the characteristics surrounding that period (i.e. Zodiac time frame). Then compare/contrast.

    For example, if a person hates to eat meat (that will be this person’s characteristic) and they are in an area that has no restaurants serving veggies, then a horoscope such as:

    “This person is passionate about animals and does not seek their destruction. They may have trouble finding dining in the local area.”

    Am I psychic? No. Am I some mystic? Nope! Just compare/contrast situation.

    That is ALL astrology is at the very basic level. Now, how can it be considered a sin? The same as anything else. Anything that turns you away from God is a sin. Whether is be watching sports when you should be studying scriptures or going to church. Whether is be playing video games instead. Anything that becomes more of your life than God.

  17. Milessguy says:

    hey guys, regarding wicca and astrology, i’ve studied both of them. i consider myself open minded enough to look for the truth in any faith belief or religion. First of all, astrology is simply the study of the affects that the stars and the planets have over us. I know what your thinking, “what a load of crap”, but do consider that scientifically, the planets and stars do have a tremendous amount of force acting upon us. Just look at the moon for instance, and it’s affect on low tide and high tide in the ocean. Also womens menstral cycles repeat once a month. When the do get their “period”, it’s usually within the last week of the month (when there is a full moon).
    I also sudied wicca and witchcraft for educational purposes, and it’s principals are based simply on the focussing of energies to affect the material world (spells). There is “black magick” and “white magick” just like there is good energy and bad energy.

  18. Serene says:

    I agree with Starla about sweeping statements: such narrow-minded opinions are quite dangerous. They lead to discrimination against those who don’t follow the same path to God as you do.

    You say we have to live in the real world, however you then define what the “real world” is using only your own beliefs. For a Wiccan, there really is no devil to be deceived by, the Bible is just a book (a very violent and sexist one), Christ was just a wise and charismatic man among many others in history, and God is a loving single deity which is both masculine and feminine and can be worshipped under many names and aspects. Since we Wiccans see the real world like this, we have no reason to believe that astrology is controlled by some kind of supernatural evil. The signs in the stars are just another magical tool embedded within nature by God to help us on our journey, just like the ability to cast spells or communicate with spirits are gifts from God.

  19. Starla says:

    Wow. I think the most dangerous thing here is to make such sweeping statements. Personally, I believe in Christ, attend church regularly and feel that tarot, astrology and other beliefs of that nature help me to know myself and the world around me better. By knowing myself better I feel closer to God. When it comes to it, the tarot is only pictures on pieces of card. They are used as a self-development tool, much as writing a journal or meditating for others and are not evil in themselves. However, being closed minded to other people’s pathways to God is dangerous and creates ill-will between neighbours.
    On the subject of astrology – weren’t the wise men led by a star?

  20. Serene, I’m sorry that you “don’t think it is appropriate to label any practice which you do not believe in as ‘the work of the Devil.'” But we have to live in the real universe whether we like it or not. And there really is a devil whether we believe it or not. And everything that leads us towards Christ is of God and is true. And everything that leads us away from Christ is of the devil and is false. There may be a few foolish souls in the world who do not believe this, but they are wrong. We cannot stop speaking the truth just because the ignorant and uniformed do not like it. Astrology leads us away from Christ and is of the devil, just like a great many other things that lead us away from Christ.

  21. Serene says:

    Of course, any kind of divination may become dangerous if one believes it so much as to consider that whatever the reading reveals is inevitable. However, most people who use divination consider its revelations as tools to amend and improve their behavior to steer clear of problems to come. The predictions are usually not seen as absolute truths; they are just hints at what is going to happen if present circumstances and decisions are maintained.

    In tarot decks, the Devil card doesn’t mean “evil”. The horned humanoid creature depicted is either Cernunnos, the Celtic God of nature and instinct, or Pan, the Greek God of shepherds; these shapes of deity have been adapted by artists in the middle ages as a symbol of the Christian Devil, but well-informed tarot readers still refer to the card’s original meaning: the Devil card means instinct, wild surprises, and power. However, when inverted, it becomes a card of chaos, danger and unplanned difficulties (most cards are read as bad omens when inverted).

    It is true that neither tarot nor astrology have shown any proof of effectiveness. Depending on personal belief and interest, you may either consider them both a waste of time, or try them to see if you find that they work for you. However, I don’t think it is appropriate to label any practice which you do not believe in as “the work of the Devil”, especially when that practice is common among people of other faiths who do not even believe that there is such a thing as a supreme evil or a Devil. Any spiritual practice can become dangerous if it is done without good intention, moderation, and thoughtful prudence, and that can happen without intervention from any supernatural evil.

  22. Robert says:

    Astrology is dangerous. It gives us reason to think that one person is more predisposed to commit horrific crimes than another based on the position of their planets. To go to deeper levels in Tarot cards the Devil card is associated with one of the zodiac signs. Astology is a belief that leads to no respect. It makes out our nature is fixed and cannot be purfied and it even makes us believe our fate is determined by the planets and not by our behaviour. If astrology worked we would know about it. Marriages between couples who are ‘astologically compatible’ would be disproportionate! Studies have been done on this and no relationships between marriage and star sign have ever been found. Is astology not part of the work of the devil? Im sure the traits of all the signs can apply to me, so im not going to pretend they dont apply to people without my starsign!

  23. Serene says:

    It’s sad that many posts here seem to promote the idea that Christianity is the “One True Faith”, possessing the whole truth while all other religions are flawed. Personally, I believe that there is One True God, but that no religion invented by man can possibly have total knowledge and comprehension of Him, nor can any man-made religion know exactly what kind of eternity awaits us after this life. Many religious books, including the Bible, the Torah, the Vedas and others, were written by ancient people to convey what they believed to be the best beliefs, according to their culture. But even though each of these books claims to be inspired by God, I don’t think any of them tells us what God’s true will is. My religion, which is Wicca by the way, requires of me that I accept all religions as having some part of truth, and that I consider all deities of other religions as names given to the one same God. To Wiccans, the only “sinful” or dangerous beliefs are those that cause people to harm others or themselves. Thus, as long as a belief is free of discrimination, violence, and useless risk-taking (like astrology, for example), that belief probably isn’t dangerous. It may very well be a total waste of time, BUT it won’t hurt anyone.

  24. truth seeker says:

    Sadly John, you speak against other religions in a way that is very negative. I’m not asking you to agree with their doctrines. They have many doctrines that I don’t agree with. However you talk against them in a way which is similar how the antis talk about us. How can one hope for us to be respected, even if they don’t agree with our beliefs, if we don’t respect them. You are writing in a manner that is very disrespectful towards people of other faiths. David O. Mckay got quiet upset when McConkie and Fielding did that. You are not going to bring someone of a different faith to you by saying they are wrong, but you will be much more successful if you say we can add to it. *sigh* I would love to see a blog that is “doctrine in the tradition of David O McKay, Hugh B. Brown, and Spencer W. Kimball.” Maybe I should start my own.

  25. Truth Seeker, either you do not know what a Pharisee is, or you do not know me. I am about as far from a Pharisee as a man can get. I don’t think I am better than any one an not not nearly as good as some. I just know as Bruce R. McConkie did that a man cannot be saved in ignorance, and the is a LOT of ignorance around when it comes to spiritual things. Sure, there is a lot of truth in every religion, even witchcraft and Satanism. But it is the falsehood and lies that lead us down to hell. It isn’t enough to know some of the truth. One has to be able to filter out the nonsense. Or as my Uncle Bob used to say, “It isn’t what you don’t know that kills you. It is what you know that’s not so.” For instance, you know that I am a Pharisee and it is not so. It is a big mistake on your part.

  26. truth seeker says:

    You know John, David O. McKay, while he believed this to be the true Church, also believed that we didn’t have a monopoly on the truth. Though we have the most truth, every religion has some truth. Maybe the religion the current people are a part of, is what they need right now. President Hinckly has asked us not to ridicule other religons, but I see you are doing just that. I look at a lot of your posts, and I can’t help but think you are the biggest pharasee.

  27. Ryan says:

    Maybe religion is just mans crutch to cope with that life is just life

  28. I don’t single out Wiccans and astrologers. I merely include them with everyone that believes and teaches false doctrine. If I mentioned them in my original post, it is because I ran across an article by Robert J. Matthews that reviews all that the scriptures say about the black arts. I thought a blog post referring to the article might interest those who have a special interest in witchcraft and such things. I confess that I myself have a morbid fascination with it, a temptation that I diligently and quite successfully resist.

  29. Geoff J says:

    Ok, so everything that is not true is dangerous — why single out Wiccans and astrology buffs to pick on then?

  30. God’s purpose in life is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Man’s purpose is to obtain eternal life. If we fail in that, we fail as human beings. And yet only keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ, including the authorized ordinances, can lead us to eternal life. But before we can keep the commandments, we have to know what they are. And we cannot find out what they are unless we learn from God through his prophets, alive and dead, and from our personal revelation.

    Keeping this mind, anything that hinders us from learning the commandments, is frustrating the whole purpose of our existence. We were born into the earth to learn these commandments.

    Therefore, false doctrine is more dangerous than anything else in life, more dangerous than drugs, more dangerous than sin, more dangerous than genocide and murder. A person can do drugs and repent. He can be murdered in a genocide and still obtain eternal life. But he cannot believe false doctrine and obtain eternal life because unless he learns the commandments of Jesus Christ and keeps them, he will never obtain eternal life.

    I don’t see how anything could be more dangerous than false doctrine. It leads people to commit sin and then refuse to repent. It damns them if they believe it. It doesn’t matter if we live or die as much as it matters that we learn correct doctrine. A child who dies before the age of accountability obtains the celestial kingdom. A man who dies without the law can be taught and accept the gospel in the spirit world. But a man who rejects true doctrine is truly cut off, he has lost his eternal life.

    And yes, Protestants are just as lost as Wiccans, maybe more so because they believe a twisted version of true doctrine and perhaps have a harder time accepting true doctrine when they hear it.

    As to the General Authorities, I cannot imagine one who does not understand true doctrine. He might have some funny ideas that are false, but is he committed to them? Or are they speculations? The Church teaches the true doctrine of Jesus Christ, and I believe that all General Authorities know it.

    We don’t have to guess about where to draw the line. The Savior explained that to the Nephites: A man must have faith in Christ, repent and be baptized to be saved. If he doesn’t then he is damned. (See 3 Nephi 11:33-34) But since to repent we must know what the commandments are, false doctrine such as taught by any other Church will frustrate the whole purpose of mortality. It will cause the second death. What could be any more dangerous than that?

  31. Clark Goble says:

    John, by the same reasoning, wouldn’t Protestantism be just as dangerous since it is has many falsehoods to it? What about musings by general authorities that turn out to be false? I’m curious as to where you draw the line.

    My experience with Wiccans is that they are mostly harmless doing the “pick and choose” version of ethics based upon out of fashion religions. Basically New Agism. I’ve my doubts that most even consider it anymore than psychological tools for their own amusement.

  32. will says:

    Thankfully, most people don’t consider those who disagree with them religiously to be dangerous. What a paranoid world this would be if we were all like that.

  33. Wicca, like all other false religions, does not lead to eternal life. Rather it leads to damnation. That makes it very dangerous indeed, just as all falsehood is.

    False doctrine misleads people who are then unable to find the stait and narrow path that leads to eternal life.

    The Savior taught:
    “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matt. 10: 28)

    In this passage the Savior is warning his disciples about all teachers of false doctrine, and that would include those who teach Wicca.

  34. Geoff J says:

    What? They believe there might be lives after this one? Why, that makes them as dangerous as, say, Heber C. Kimball!

  35. Jonah the giant whale says:

    You’ve never met Wiccans have you? I have had some small experience withthem and their beliefs lead to mny dangers. Especially fo their lives after this one. I don not define danger as just physical.

  36. Clark Goble says:

    How is Wicca dangerous? That is, more dangerous than any other non-Christian religion? I might roll my eyes when practitioners claim it is ancient druidism. But I’d have a hard time seeing it as that dangerous.

    The biggest issue with astrology is simply that it is pretty silly. But then I think that of many pseudo-sciences like dowsing, phrenology and the like. Many of which had great acceptance in the church.

    I think our aim ought to be seeking after truth. When things demonstrably don’t include that such as astrology, dowsing or other pseudo-sciences, then I think it is contrary to the spirit to follow them.

    But dangerous? I don’t think so except to the degree of believing things demonstrably wrong is dangerous.

  37. Jonah the giant whale says:

    Yes. Maybe not as dangerous as Wicca or druids but still a sin. What is Astrology teaching? That the stars (or the person reading the stars) can tell you about yourself, your future, and your spirit. I would think this is obviously against the teachings of the Church. After all, aren’t we supposed to consult Heavenly Father on our future? Not the stars.

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