The Apostate Cat by Tom Matkin

He prowls around
His Master’s yard.
In the
and Dismal

His prey is not
what a cat can eat.

to the Master’s Home
he drags his

The Master
The Cat,


5 Responses to The Apostate Cat by Tom Matkin

  1. Cliff says:

    John, you out did yourself with Tom Matkin’s poem on the Apostate Cat.

    I like how the cat keeps coming back to the master’s House, and how the master receives him. It shows the cat’s loyalty, even though it is at times misguided. The cat is just a little confused about what is good spiritual food. Cat’s search dark and dismal spots — an appropriate place to go for a cat, but searching and eating things that rot is not.

    It’s a good poem.

  2. just Johnna says:

    ah, such great phrases: “useless prize,” and “feigns surprise.”

    Thanks Tom, for letting John put it up. And thanks John for putting it up.

  3. Stephen says:

    Reading the comments, I got a better perspective, since at first I was taking a more Kipling look at it, and all Kipling cats are apostates đŸ˜‰ .

  4. It was written by a dear friend that I have hung out with for over a decade on my Zion email discussion list. We share the same opinion of those who waste their lives trying to overthrow the Church of Jesus Christ by digging through Church history looking for dirt. And of course if dirt is what one is looking for, that is what he will find. You kind of have to wonder why a person would be looking for it though.

  5. Geoff J says:

    That’s pretty amusing. Where did you find it?

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